“I don’t want to feel this way over the holidays”
Is this you? Especially after the past 2 years of grief?
Want to step out of the usual, painful family dynamics?
Want to find your tribe of belonging and real tools for relief this holiday season?
This is the healing refuge you have been praying for!
A Message of Hope from Licensed Psychologist & Ordained Minister, Dr. Barbara Lowe

Spots are Limited
Step out of the dysfunction and into wholeness with us! You have found your place of soul and spirit refuge and skillful living!
Beloved, Welcome Home!

Dear Amazing Friend,

The stressful, lonely time you face during the holidays is coming to an end. I know how difficult this season can be for those with trauma histories, dysfunctional families, estranged family members, financial burdens, with the cold & dark weather. And after the past 2 years, the pain you feel is even more real.

Your help has arrived! We will help you find YOUR confidence, rhythm, and REAL JOY over this holiday season. You will encounter more of Jesus, faith and psychology tools that work, and a community that loves you lavishly! And this is just the beginning to a life full of more and more wholeness each week!

Welcome home! Your holidays are going to be filled with passion, empowerment, and a fresh starts as we go into the new year.
This is what incredible Jesus Fire Girls said about how Hearts Returning Home Holidays impacted their lives in 2021
“Dr Barbara goes deeply into the scripture and unveils insights that only the Holy Spirit could reveal. This is a trusted time of revelation for me each week. The content of the teaching from scripture was so rich, enlightening, inspired my relationship with Christ and others for the week. The psychological issues largely based on our human habitat challenges that were addressed each Monday help me focus on what was important.”
– S.T.
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“It has given me insight and tools to help through difficult times, helped me pray for others better, given me hope and lots of encouragement from a wonderful community”
– R.S.
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“HRH Holidays helped me get through & carry me through my 1st end of year holiday loss of husband, a faith based community that cared & were with me several-every day of wk when others or only 1 or 2 may be, plus had practical things like Scripture or teaching to refocus or remind that not alone.”
– R.C.
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“I did not feel alone/isolated. Even if I was by myself; I felt like I belonged to a family of like minded sisters, who were going through similar issues.”
– F.W.
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“I do not feel left out when spending time with a family. Looked forward to the different gatherings. I had a better Christmas and it was great to have a time to safely share joys and concerns with a small group!”
– C.F.
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“I love all the teachings. I have been a student of the Bible all my life, yet I always learn something new! It has given me a spiritual "shot of adrenaline"; knowing that so many understand, care, and pray for each other has been both comforting and empowering.”
– C.S.
Here are our themes for this year’s HRH Holiday Experience.
Week 1:
Selfcare Like a Bad*** over the Holidays

  • Learn nourishing faith, fire, and psychology tools that will leave behind the stress of the holiday season.
  • Rest in the Holy Spirit using new tools that will carry you through from a place of fullness.
Week 2:
EMPOWERMENT through Gratitude over the Holidays

  • Learn and use the secret weapon of gratitude.
  • Powerfully work through difficult areas of negative brain bia
Week 3:
Getting Rid of the Guilt and Stress over the Holidays

  • Identify and overcome false guilt and shame.
  • Make decisions out of peace and let go of regret.
Week 4:
Stepping Out of Dysfunction over the Holidays

  • Step out of dysfunctional painful roles from your family of origin.
  • Reconnect with parts of yourself and bring them into the light of healing and connection.
Week 5:
Rejecting Rejection over the Holidays

  • Embrace Godly confidence and receive more acceptance and love.
  • Learn spiritual and psychological tools to overcome feelings of rejection from family, friends, and others during this season.
Week 6:
Fresh Starts by The Spirit over the Holidays

  • Receive a fresh vision for the new year from the Lord.
  • Understand and walk in hope from a psychological and faith perspective.
Here is step by step how your first class of the Journey, Hearts Returning Home Holidays will be delivered each week.
  • Weekly LIVE teachings with Dr. Barbara delivered to you twice a week, with powerful faith, fore and psychology tools that will change you (replays available)
  • Two Online Group “Cocoa With a Coach” Heart  Groups (group coaching)  who will be praying for you daily, and meeting with you in online groups for teaching, prayer & coaching based on the weekly topic  (replays available)
  • Access to our exclusive warm & loving Hearts Returning Home Facebook Community
  • No homework, just support and tools over the holidays (who has time for homework?!)
  • Techniques that create almost immediate safety and stability in your life so you can leave behind rejection, pain & stress
  • Tools to satisfy your unmet emotional needs over the holidays
  • Skills for interacting in a healthy way with family and friends over the holidays
  • Methods for regulating your nervous system and walking in more emotional joy over the holidays
  • Skills and empowerment to establish healthy boundaries during this season
  • Automatic access into our Stability class in January!
  • EXCLUSIVE opportunities for one-to-one coaching available only to HRH Journeys!

You will have access to Dr. Barbara or a Heart Certified Coach 6 DAYS A WEEK in our private online zoom groups for encouragement, skill-infused teaching, HRH certified group coaching, prayer, and/or fellowship.
Welcome home to your safe family and skillful living, Beloved!
But that is not all…
You will receive over $2400 worth of bonuses as well! It is my holiday gift to you.
  • Access to LIVE faith + psychology Bible Studies with Dr. Barbara! 3-4 times a month live prayer and activation with Dr. Barbara (valued at over $100/month)
  • Access to Dr. Barbara's extensive Bible Studies library compare to (valued at $2000)
  • Mini Course “How to Move from Outcast to God’s Next Big Thing!” (valued at $100)
  • Immediate access to the Dr. Barbara Lowe video training vault (priceless)
  • Mini Course “Moving from Imposter to Empowered” (valued at $100)
  • Guided Meditation: Experiencing More Love and Belonging (valued at $33 each)
  • Access to weekly HRH Certified Coach-led prayer groups twice a week! (priceless)
  • Guided Meditation: Finding a Safe Home Within Your Heart (valued at $33 each)
  • Access to Dr. Barbara content not found elsewhere (priceless)
  • Guided Meditation: Birthed Into A Life of Love and Belonging (valued at $33 each)

*All meditations are biblically-based
Here’s what happens after that… 
As soon as you’ve signed up for Hearts Returning Home: Holidays class, you’ll get instant access to the member area where you can set up your own password.

And of course you’ll receive the $2400 worth of free bonuses. I’ll also send you an onboarding email with all the access details and links.

Once the official sign up-email is sent to you, you will receive access to an orientation video and a Google Form to complete.
You will receive this right away
  • Access to the Course Portal IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to prayer groups and bible studies IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to Facebook community IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to 2 FREE bonus Mini-Courses IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to 3 FREE Guided Meditations IMMEDIATELY
And shortly thereafter, you will receive
  • An email about how content will be delivered
  • An email about our Orientation Zoom Meeting
  • An email about your Online Heart Coaching Groups
And as you Journey through the HRH Classes you will receive
  • Emails about special opportunities with Dr. Barbara that are available only to those in the HRH Journey (e.g., Masterminds, Intensives, etc.)
  • As much healing and wholeness as your heart desires!
That means right away you get access to over 100 hours of video bible studies and faith, fire & psychology exclusive training that you can access 24/7 from your Whole Hearted Women member area.
Extremely Limited Spots Available!!
This will sell out!

Time is a factor.

I like to keep my courses small enough to be intimate so I can make sure everyone gets results and the supportive time you need during the stress of the holiday season. Because of this, I can only accept the number of students my team can support lavishly. I am trying to take as many as I can.

Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close and the HRH Holidays Experience will start on Monday, November 22, 2022. But it might sell out much earlier because of the extremely limited seats available for this holiday class.

This class is full of lavish help with none of the hassle, meaning you will not have Heart Work Assignments to complete. It will be constant connection, overflow of support, life-changing tools, and intense prayer.

You will have the family of sisters you have always wanted and be showered in so much love, prayer, and community. It will bring you lasting peace during the holiday season, and then we will together Journey into greater Stability in January!
HRH Journey at $150/month
  • Auto-renews for each quarter
  • HRH Stability Class starts in January
Only a few spots remaining!
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Step 4: Emergency Contact
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Course Details

*Auto-Renews after each class

HRH Holidays Class Dates: November 22, 2021 through January 2, 2022

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations can only occur IN-BETWEEN CLASSES. If this course in some way does not meet your expectations, please email us at
HRH Stability class starts January 10, 2022.
1. How long do I have to watch the videos?
You will have access to HRH Stability as long as you stay on the Journey, and you will have the option to go deeper into restorative skill building, and also to extend access to Heart Coaching Groups, Prayer Groups, and Live Bible Studies by joining the Whole Hearted Women Tribe. (You get FREE access to the Whole Hearted Women Tribe as part of your Journey)

2. How do I access the program?
You will receive an email with login details after you join here. From there, you will be able to log in and go through the program with your cohort, from anywhere and on any device. Three new HRH trainings by Dr Barbara will become availability weekly and take you deeper and deeper into heart, mind, stability, security, and wholeness.

3. Does this program address Addictions?

The Hearts Returning Home Journey, which starts with Stability, does help you to establish more safety and stability, eliminate unwanted behaviors, and work through stuck places in your life. However, the HRH Course is not considered a first line course on addiction.

4. Does the HRH Journey address Sexual Assault?
Yes, the Hearts Returning Home: Stability will take you through establishing more safety and stability that is so needed after the awful trauma of sexual assault and abuse. Hearts Returning Home Stability is also helpful to prepare you for healing where there has been a sexual assault. As you continue on the Journey, the Time Reversing Trauma and the Repairing Boundary Ruptures skills in Hearts Returning Home: Restore are particularly salient to sexual assault recovery. (We recommend you pair our HRH Journey with ongoing personal therapy).

5. Does the HRH Journey address Divorce?
Yes, Hearts Returning Home Stability helps your heart and mind to be rooted and grounded in stability and security that can help after the relational traumas that come before and through divorce and betrayal trauma.

6. What if I do not think I have big traumas in my past? Will this program still help me? 
Yes! This program is designed to identify painful scripts and themes of disappointment, hurts, and unmet needs that are both subtle and obvious. We all have unsettling situations or interactions that are impacting our present situation and clearing away both large and small debris, while moving into wholeness, impacts our present and helps us glide into more goal attainment in every life domain.

7. Can you watch the lessons at any time with this course?
Yes! You will have access to the trainings (as they release) as long as you remain in the Journey, so you will be able to watch at any time and at your own pace.

8. How much time do I need to invest in this?

You can invest as much or as little into this Journey as you would like. For example the HRH Stability stage itself is 24 trainings (3 a week), with each training video lasting approximately 10-20 minutes. To get the most out of the course, you will want to spend at least 60 minutes on the course work per week, and attend a weekly (online) Heart Group. Each phase of the Journey would be the same (Rewrite, Restore, Launch, Relate, & Lead).

9. How many times can I go through the materials?
While on the HRH Journey, you can revisit course material anytime. Students can work on catch up work during mini breaks between sessions where the Journey includes homework free offerings.

10. Who are the "Heart" Coaches?
Our Heart Coaches are not to be considered therapists or mental health professionals. They are individuals who have been through the Hearts Returning Home Journey, and have received special training as Heart Coaches from Leadership or to which has referred (e.g., training from the International Association of Christian Coaches). They are guides and encouragers, and are not participating in the role of psychotherapist.

11. I’m still in the midst of trauma. Should I do this program now?

Yes, you likely need to be working to establish and increase safety and stability in your life all the more. The exception is that if you are in danger of being in harm to yourself or others, you must focus exclusively on therapy until you have been cleared by a licensed professional for more than 6 months.

12. Can I use this in conjunction with my local in-person therapist?
Absolutely! This program encourages outside supports, including the possibility of a therapist or psychologist. In fact, while on the Hearts Returning Home Journey, we highly recommend working with a psychotherapist.

13. Is this program therapy?
No, HRH Journey is not therapy. In fact, we encourage you to continue to work with your own therapist, or find one. Hearts Returning Home Stability leads you through steps of stability and security in your mind, spirit, emotions, habits, relationships, and in every area of your life.  Social support is needed during the Hearts Returning Home Journey and attending sessions with your personal therapist is an encouraged means of support.

14. Can I have private 1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Barbara?Yes, Dr Barbara offers Breakthrough Intensives in Durham, NC, where you will be scheduled for extensive sessions with Dr Barbara over several days. You can sign up for an intensive at or by emailing to

15. What supports are included in the Journey?
  • You will have access to our Heart Groups, led by our Heart Coaches, where you will learn skills and where you can receive prayer and encouragement.
  • You will also have access to our exclusive Hearts Returning Home Facebook group where you can interact with other students and our Heart Coaches.
  • As part of our Hearts Returning Home Journey Membership you will receive access to our Whole Hearted Women's Tribe, which includes access to live Healing Bible Studies from Dr. Barbara, as well as an extensive vault of past Dr. Barbara's WHW Bible Studies, other healing resources, & WHW prayer groups.

16. What is the difference between the Whole-Hearted Women Tribe Membership and the Hearts Returning Home Journey, which starts with the Stability Stage?
Each Hearts Returning Home Stage Includes (Stability, Rewrite, Restore, Launch, Relate, & Lead):

  • 24 Skills-Building Teaching Videos delivered 3 per week for 8 weeks - Valued at over $3,500
  • 24 printable Hearts Sheets (worksheets) delivered 3 a week for 8 weeks
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive HRH Facebook Community
  • Access to the HRH Stability video content and access to Heart Sheets
  • Access to online "Heart" Groups while the course is in session
The Whole-Hearted Women Tribe to which you will have full access while in the Journey includes:

  • On-Line LIVE Bible Studies with Dr. Barbara (3x a month), plus access to previous Bible Studies by Dr. Barbara
  • 3 Guided meditations that heal, soother and transform your heart and mind
  • 2 Empowering Mini Courses by Dr. Barbara
  • Discounted opportunities to go deeper into healing and wholeness through more Hearts Returning Home stages by Dr. Barbara
  • Dr. Barbara's extensive vault including: past WHW Bible Studies, WHW Prayer Groups, & other healing resources

17. How long will I have access to the Facebook Community?
The private and exclusive Facebook Community is only for Hearts Returning Home Journey Students (past and present). Students who have attained the milestone of at least one completed HRH course will have continued access to the HRH Facebook Group (so long the group rules are followed)

18. How Do I Get Started?
You can join here at this link.

19. Where can I sign up?
You can join here at this link and have immediate access.

20. If I am suicidal or unsafe with myself or others, should I start the Journey now?
Because we care about you deeply, No. Please call 911 or go to the emergency room if you are ever in imminent danger. If you are not in imminent danger, work with your personal therapist to reduce thoughts of self harm or harm towards others before starting this course. Refer to your therapist for when he or she believes you are ready for this course, including 6 months of freedom from self-harm ideation.

21. I have another question:
Email us at, and we will answer any remaining questions you have.
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